Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Oh dear! Just when we all thought there was a chink of hope that the Banks were at last going to get it in the neck for a change - they get off scott-free! They really do seem to be untouchable.

Free banking (ie. no charges for current accounts) is an 'illusion' the banks like us to believe, but of course they have the use of our money - so they are benefiting hugely from their account holders who keep in the black. They aren't just being kind, and 'not charging' us anything for their services - indeed they are using our money all the time to their own ends!

At this rate people are going to end up putting their money under the mattress on a point of principle!

What people want is FAIRNESS.

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  1. Having said that I don't believe 'free banking' is the free-deal they like to make out it is, I also don't see why the banks shouldn't charge customers who are irresponsible about managing their finances. If you (regularly) get in hot water and end up spending more than you've got, without having an overdraft facility arranged and in place, then I think it is fair enough that the banks make people pay for that. However on the odd occasion I have overdrawn (because of a payment going in later than expected usually!), I have been able to phone the bank, and explain the circumstances - at which point, they would check my record and waive any charge, or certainly any ongoing 'over the top' charge! That was a fair response, in the circumstances. That was First Direct by the way.